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After all these years, we've all accumulated a lot of life's treasure.
Spouses, kids, jobs, adventures of all sorts.
This space is a repository for the surviving images and documents of our youth, as well as all the stuff that's happened to us after our stint at MBHS.Enter hereIf you have some photos or stories to add, use the
"Contribute" zone below to share them with
the rest of the class.  With our thanks.




Pause for a moment
and reflect on the Class of '75 members who have set sail on their final journey.
 Do you have a special remembrance of a particular Buc? Send that memory here.

to the horizon


Presentingthe Mission Bay High School1975 Yearbook: The Taroga It's online, and
it's here.

taroga '75

Hey, this thing isn't gonna
fly itself, ya know?
Got a funny '75 story? Email it.
An old photo? Upload it.
A special document? Send it. Email submissions here.Photo and Document
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The Reunion Committee wants to keep tabs on you.In the good, non-stalker way.So many of the class of '75 have scattered to the four corners; don't be a lost Buc.Go here to let us know how to find you. If you move or change email addresses,
let us know!